Mortgage BPO Services

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What It Means

Mortgage firm are increasingly facing with the challenge of delivering high-quality service, faster turnarounds, and a broader range of product offerings to their customers. In a market that is flooded with organizations looking to thrive under tight budgets, mortgage process outsourcing services has emerged as a valuable solution.

Mortgage market has struggled slowdown, inflations and high rates with constant need of change. Mortgage Process Outsourcing is an innovative business strategy for mortgage lenders and financial institutions, helping industry leaders to achieve profitable results.

The biggest challenge for Mortgage Firms is to be able to keep a good track record in managing its growth (in substance rather than just size) and its revenue over a long period.

CNS has attained an invaluable expertise, garnering more than 14 years of experience as a Mortgage BPO partner. Over the years, we have developed; tested and proven integrated Mortgage BPO solution, merging back and front office services to deliver measurable results.

We have a broad pool of Mortgage Process Outsource professionals in India who have trained in end-to-end mortgage processing, which we draw upon to train our resources globally.

Our Areas of Work

  • Pre-Foreclosure Checks and FC Referral
  • First Legal and Follow up Monitoring
  • Reinstatement, Payoff, Judgment and Bid Preparations
  • Foreclosure Pre Sale Reviews
  • FC Timeline Reviews
  • Sale Support
  • Legal Billing & Invoice Management
  • Claims Preparation and Filing
  • Bankruptcy Setup and Referral
  • POC/MFR/Supps Preparation and Review
  • Review Plan and File Objections
  • Monitor CH 13 Payments (Pre and Post Petition Payments)
  • Reviewing Affidavits and Declarations
  • Preparation of Chapter 7, Reaffirmation Agreements
  • Review Notice of Default
  • We offer a variety of uninsured title reports for defaults
  • Document review
  • First level review (relevance and privilege)
  • Nuanced review (issues- based)
  • Identification of gaps in disclosure
  • Witness statements
  • Evidence packs (collation and bundling)

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