Empowering Employees @ CNS COMNET

Here we go with the vision of CNS 2020

Vision: 2020

“CNS Comnet intends to emerge as a leader in providing services to its global clients by using innovation in technology and best of talent.  With continued focus in the US default industry with the addition of a new US state.  We signed new contracts in US and Canada Immigration industry.  We strive to grow the customer base by 20% in the year 2020 by signing contracts in Big Data Analytics and Finance and Accounting Services while continuing to follow CNS core values of Care and Happiness.”

CNS as an Employer

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CNS as an employer is more focused towards continuous expansion of employee empowerment. To mark the achievement, we have retained quite a number of current employees and have considered rejoining requests under our Care & Happiness program in the last few years. We practice ecofriendly procedures to carry out our daily businesses. We encourage quality over convenience.We have entrusted our Corporate social responsibility (CSR) fund to NGO's like LiteracyIndia and Vidya to promote education among the underprivileged for the betterment of the society. At CNS Comnet pvt. Ltd, we care for our employees, appreciate them, recognize their efforts, mentor, challenge and promote the talented. We uplift quality and believe in perseverance.

Virtual Independence Day Celebration at CNS

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Our Values

Employee Morale

Our employees are our assets. We consider it our prime responsibility to maintain the positivity at the workplace by organising regular interactive sessions and help them grow as a person. We organize learning and training sessions that are focused on team building, morale-boosting and educating purposes. Employee morale is a motivation function of needs and desires so we value each and every religion by having fun and celebrating festivity at peak. We support diversity at our workplace and ensure comfortable, hygenic and safe work environment for our employees.

Environmental Impact

“GO Green” is our moto. CNS cares for the environment and believe in making small changes to spark the big revolution for the betterment of society because we believe that clean and green is the key to healthy being. Keeping this in mind, CNS has terminated the use of plastics at premises to convey the message of 3R’s i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We have also promoted this message through the cycle distribution ceremony. We also set up air purifiers and indoor plants on each floor to maintain clean air supply and positive vibe at the workplace. Be part of the revolution and say “NO” to pollution.

Work Life Balance

CNS believes in creating a comfortable work environment for its employees to ensure they work efficiently. We support quality over quantity. By creating flexible work hours system for them not only help our employees to maintain their work-life balance but also empower them to work with passion. Routinely Health, wellbeing programs with Fitness sessions in terms of Zumba, Yoga & health Checkups are taking place.

What our Employees say ?

It’s been a huge privilege working with CNS for the last 2 years or so. CNS has been a great enabler towards offering new opportunities of learning and strengthening my inherent skill sets. With its rich and diverse organizational culture, CNS endowed me with the best-in-class mentors. CNS is truly an ‘Employer of Choice.’ I treasure my association with CNS and wish CNS all the best for its continued growth and success in the days to come.

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Priyanka pathak Human resource

One of the best aspects of working for CNS is that we are here for each other. We are part of each other lives. CNS makes me proud and empower and after 7 years journey my knowledge assets always increased.

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Bhuwan Chandra Tech Support

Completing a decade with CNS has been filled with learning and growing within organization. The thing I appreciate most about CNS is its values, “Care and Happiness”. I have learnt a lot and grown professionally and personally. I am proud to be part of CNS family.

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Mr.Anand Operation

Joined CNS comnet in April’16 in Finance Department . Wonderful journey with lots of good experience. Best part is work life balance which really motivates me towards work. Being a finance guy is a great career with CNS.

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Mr. Umesh Yadav Accounts

I can recall those days when we were only two member when we started this firm with Mr. Kaushik sir in a single room and thereafter we move to different location with big batches, which shows our fantastic growth. We had faced many ups and down in this journey and have learnt a lot a well, but seeing it growing from small to bigger tree is amazing experience. I really feel proud to be part of this journey and thanks to CNS Management for support and guiding through this special part of my life.

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Mr. Basant Naugain Operation

I was associated with CNS Comnet Solution from 2005 and been part of this Organization from 15 years. CNS Comnet is a one of the leading firm as per me as this Organization promote knowledge, growth, learning. The voice of ours is listened in every aspects and also implemented in the system.The Firm cares about their employees and have taken many initiatives in which employees were benefitted.

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Mr. Jyoti Prakash Operation

CNS is absolutely people centric with its prime focus always on its Human Capital. It provides dynamic working environment for employees with significant opportunities for learning and growth. The extraordinary learning across the different streams of the projects has benefitted me. CNS has a good reputation in the community so I am proud to tell people I work here. CNS promotes a healthy work environment and thus provides generous benefits (health, dental, vision, subsidized meals etc.) to its employees.

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Shobhit Mehrotra Software Department

Completing a decade with CNS has been one of the memorable moments for me. The thing I appreciate most about the CNS is their learning and growing culture. CNS has given me the opportunity to discover my hidden skills and gain experience in the industry. I am grateful to all my colleagues in CNS who had contributed in my journey and I am also very grateful to management for their vision/statements “Do more for employee” and “All employee are owner” that creates a type of loyalty which I cannot explain in word

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Ashish Kumar Opeartion