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How IT Outsourcing Benefits Outrun Underlying Risks

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Information Technology industry continues to remain reliant on outsourcing services to critically enhance profit-lines of big players. The past 20-odd years of moving jobs to South East Asian time-zones like India, by Western businesses stands testimony to the innovative business model.

Outsourcing which began as an experiment in the late 1990s by US time-located businesses to take advantage of captive IT – educated workforce in India has proved beneficial.  The large Indian engineering community delivered quality services, in quick turnaround time, at nearly one-fourth the hourly wages of North America or Europe-based workers. Currently this industry is one of the greatest revenue-generators for IT firms and is valued at $100 Billion and more, across various sectors such as BPO, healthcare, LPO and others.

However, third party outsourcing of services do have certain set-backs.

Outsourcing is Standard Practice

The onset of outsourcing as the default standard in the IT industry has meant most business moves towards these services sooner or later. Therefore, when your business begins to evaluate IT outsourcing models, weighing the risks against benefits becomes essential.

What are the benefits?

Outsourcing offers 4 direct benefits:

a)      Lowers current costs: Outsourcing IT process means the overall costs of operations is lowered drastically. There are no capital outlay tensions, costs for IT services become varied as against fixed costs of in-house IT teams. The availability of capital, because of outsourcing, allows businesses to focus on core business investments, besides the visible cash availability lures investors, shareholders.

b)     Lowers expenses: Typically the costs of every internal process are passed on to the customer. By outsourcing services, most process costs are absorbed by the provider. This allows enterprises to offer competitive rates to customers.

c)      Increase core operations: The outsourcing business model allows managers to focus on the core goals of the enterprise, bringing in value-addition (added).

d)     Increase Business size: The direct impact of outsourcing is an overall increase in the growth momentum of the company. This could be in the form of portfolio-expansion, diversified services or goal redefinition due to higher efficiency, cost-effectiveness and capital retention that outsourcing offers.

What are the risks?

The three risks that outsourcing is associated it with are:

a)     Downtime Constraints: The immediate effect of outsourcing on any business is loss of productivity during downtime. This is likely to happen when the infrastructure is ill-maintained. Another major issue is that of system failure. Therefore, your resources are likely to remain idle, while the provider overcomes the technical issues. The time factor could take from a few hours to several days.

b)    Limited hands-on involvement: Third party involvement can prove to be restrictive as hands-on experience in running the process is limited across the executive level.

c)    Security: The most vulnerable risk is that of security for your processes. Though security protocols remain cutting-edge, not every process is impregnable. Therefore, security levels running on the outsourced processes have to be evaluated.

Benefits Vs Risks

In comparing the risks and benefits of outsourcing IT services, the benefits far outrun the risks. While the risks are inherent to every process model, whether in-house or outsourced, the risks in third party instances are higher. However, running higher, more efficient and sophisticated security control measures could offer a solution to stem the risks.

Benefits OUTRUN Risks

The momentum towards outsourcing remains two decades later, with several small and mid-sized outfits now offering specialized core services to larger players. According to 2015 statistical data, IT Outsourcing is valued at $88.9 Billion; with explosive forecasts of IT healthcare outsourcing set to increase to $50.4 billion by 2018. 

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Data Center Outsourcing – 6 Critical Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

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Data Center Outsourcing is no longer just a passing business trend in the technology industry. The incalculable volume and quality of value-addition it brings to a company’s IT operations has made it a standard practice in other industries since.

How did “outsourcing” of data centers suddenly change from being a “trend” to a full-fledged business model?

There are six fundamental reasons which have seen the linear and explosive adaption of Data Center Outsourcing globally. A Research firm, Gartner’s survey reports that, the number of US companies which have outsourced 100% or partially to Indian data centers exceeds 42%.That nearly-50% of companies in the US has found outsourcing their data center activities to India providers to be good for them appears to be for the following 6 Critical Reasons:

1.  Cost efficiency – Companies in the US have found that their outsourcing partnership with Indian data centers allows them to control costs. They have found it easy to scale their data center needs with a managed server hosting. With minimum fuss they can expand only when a need arises, and need not worry about heavy-investment that a one-stage expansion phase would need. 

2.  Skilled External Resources – Another reason why the US companies find comfort in outsourcing is the easy access to skilled external resources. They are freed from maintaining expensive expertise that any full-fledged data center required – like networking, security professionals.  By outsourcing, equipment, processes and talent can be leveraged without the shortcomings of directly maintaining them.

3.  Better utilization of internal resources – The process of outsourcing data center activities to third parties in India, allows companies in the US to use their internal teams for in-house needs. They have found better (the best) value in engaging these teams in core applications and deliverables.

4.  Business Centered focus – The most critical reason that the US companies find outsourcing to India a big value-addition is the freedom they gain on refocusing their resources and talent on core operations and better customer engagement. The high level of professional data center process delivery by Indian service providers have (has) been the foundation of many of the success these US companies have seen in client-facing services.

5.  Faster work scope – When US companies began to outsource to Indian data centers, they realized that there was a distinct absence of workscope creep. What took them months to accomplish in-house at US data centers was shortened, due to the professional approach adopted by Indian service providers to resolve data center issues like uptime, availability etc.

6.  Add Benefit of cutting edge Management expertise- Companies switched to outsourcing their data center needs to Indian providers after they found that sophisticated and cutting edge management was leveraged to handle the large-number of projects. For small and medium companies with in-house data centers, the benefits and cost of such ultra-efficient management was inverted and prohibitive.

Expert Talk

Every business house of mid-sized company will have to evaluate each of these 6 critical reasons subjectively to optimize their outsourcing benefits. No longer can the direct and indirect efficiency of outsourcing data center processes to companies in India be ignored. Just as there are specialists for different aspects of medical treatment, the technology industry too is undergoing such over-specialization. Service providers in the data center industry always invest in upgrading their infrastructure to include the latest developments, thereby adding greater efficiency to business houses that are associated with them. 

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What you Get With Legal Outsourcing IS VALUE MULTIPLICATION

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Small businesses and mega enterprises have a new technology solution for value multiplication. Surprisingly, it is an Outsourcing tool-kit which will crunch big data and improve your business value multiple times.

More importantly, it is a mundane routine operations strategy which gives your business an edge, on par with Big Data Analytics and other multi-billion dollar software bundles.

The technology solution is called Legal Outsourcing or Process Outsourcing.• As a business owner there are mundane numbers of operations and legal compliance over which a non-legal firm or company will have to spend extensively. • The process is not limited to just once a year or many times, but subject to the type of business you own or operate.• The legal compliance, regulatory reviews, evaluation is ongoing, often requiring expensive legal teams in-house. 

Outsourcing For Efficiency And Value Building

Technology evolution has meant that firms have an easy and reliable tool which delivers the same level of legal sustenance as would an in-house legal team. Outsourcing legal processes to an expert team adds to the overall costing-cutting strategy and ensures efficient streamlining of human resources.

Legal Outsourcing is not limited to processing, but includes an entire range of technology solution matrix.

By this, as a business owner, you can seek legal process services from third parties, who have the specialization in a particular sector. If you seek the services of an end-to-end services partner who also offers legal processing, then your business is in safe hand.

 How, you may ask?

Let it be said that a Legal Processing Outsourcing partner is typically not a standalone service provider. Typically, other technology platforms too are integrated, giving you a winning advantage – with wide range of VALUE MULTIPLIERS – such as

  • Big Data Analytics,
  • Data Sciences,
  • Group Analytics,
  • Incubation Assistance and
  • Operative Labs.

Simply put, through process outsourcing you are in the hands of a room full of technology specialists who handle all your services, end-to-end, ensuring you are left to do what you do best: That is to Run Your Business with the reams of analysis reports, data crunching and process automation.

Technologies that we use

  • JSF, Struts, JSP, Servlets, AJAX, J2EE, JavaScript
  • COM/DCOM, ActiveX, OLE, XML
  • Embedded SQL
  • Databases: SQL Server 2008, MySQL
  • Servers: Apache Tomcat
  • IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans Our Architectures
  • Client Server Applications
  • Distributed Applications
  • Product Development
  • Application Migration
  • Application Re-engineering
  • Component Development
  • XML Application

Win the advantages of a business for tomorrow with legal services outsourcing and gain value multiplication with big data, analytics and more! CNS Comnet provides you the specialized legal experts along with software solutions for your company that can be a big advantage of LPO in the competitive world of business.

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LPO: Digitizing Legal Processing

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The Legal industry is in the midst of a rearranging itself for the digitized services, in the past half-decade. What began as a simple document management for electronic archiving is now an extensive service sector industry growing at an average rate of 50-percent in recent years.  

Lately, many of these digitized processes are executed by advanced software platform developed exclusively for the law industry. The Latest trend is Predictive Coding. This technique enormously supports key legal processes of e-Discovery and Document Review. Labour arbitrage and cost saving is the immediate advantage of Outsourcing the processes.

Industry Status for an LPO

This reliability overreach of technology has thrust Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) as a special category of services that can be outsourced, branding it as the latest sector with immense growth potential, within the tertiary sector of computing services.

Market research indicates that the growth of the Legal Process Outsourcing is expected to reach CAGR 27.4% over the next 5-year period.

LPO is structurally similar to Backend Process Outsourcing (BPO) business model that began in the 1990s. Businesses which deployed BPO services were able to cut costs with overseas (offshore) service providers driving quantified profits.  Companies from different sectors, such as manufacturing to market research apart from information technology can realize similar advantages by outsourcing internal Legal Processing.  

Global LPO services

The availability of specialized legal experts in a niche legal segment is the biggest advantage of LPO. Firms can outsource legal processing requirements to end-to-end service providers and benefit in long term customer engagement. Such services include:

  • Electronic Discovery Services, Contract Management, IP Technical Support
  • Litigation Support, Review Services, Legal Research

LPO’s off exclusive cost- effective services as a package, delivered as part of the service agreement.  

  • Executive Summary, Scope of Report, Market Landscape, Geographical Segmentation
  • Vendor Landscape, Trends and Impact, Market Growth Factors, Key Vendor Analysis

Why You Should Need LPO?

Apart from cross-sector businesses, that is companies from non-legal sectors using LPO to better efficiency and profits, a number of large legal firms too have begun to outsource some of the backend process to third parties, many of them located overseas. In such cases, LPO services are designed to meet the end requirements of legal practitioners who run small-sized operations. Even boutique law firms are known to have found handsome rewards through outsourcing programs. 

Technology solutions have begun to play out and provide high dividends in the legal industry. Trends in the past two years, within the legal industry have included: e-Discovery, social networking, and globalization as well as an increase in the number of virtual law firms.

CNS provides you Cost benefits, quicker turnaround time on lengthy procedural processes. Availability of professional, specialized legal talent is some of the KEY ASPECTS that businesses can leverage from the LPO. 

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India the Preferred Destination for Legal Drafting and Analysis

Contract, Business, Document, Sign, Deal, Legal

Legal drafting and analysis can eat into precious amount of time and effort that could otherwise be used for other functions. In an era where cost and time are important, finding ways of saving on the two iscrucial tothe prosperity of any law firm. Outsourcing non-core legal activities such as legal drafting, legal documentation, or legal analysis should not be a hassle with India just a click of a mouse away.

India is becoming a preferred destination for firms and people looking to leverage brilliant minds on offer when it comes to legal matters. Ranked top by law firms in the US, the UK, and Europe, the country’s pool of legal professionals could be the answer to saving a lot of costs and time.

The country’s legal landscape is slowly becoming a force to reckon with when it comes to the drafting of accurate legal proceedings. Documentation of discovery documents, as well as preparation of pleadings and analysis of any legal information, can also be handled with ease upon request.

Drafting of legal correspondences, summons and complaints are some of the other tasks that lawyers in the country promise to handle with competence.

Other back-office legal functions that any legal department can think of outsourcing in India include:

•  Drafting of legal responsive pleadings and answers

•  Editing and proof-reading legal agreements

•  Preparing deposition notices and subpoenas

•  Drafting legal deposition questions and outlines

•  Drafting discovery documents

•  Drafting legal memoranda and briefs

•  Conducting legal research, non-legal research, and medical research

•  Drafting motions and stipulations

•  Preparing legal interrogatories

•  Reviewing, compiling and indexing legal documents

Why India

India provides any law firm access to a dedicated team of lawyer’s, paralegals, as well as professionals with expertise in analytical skills. The pool of talent is also easy to work with, as the lawyers have a broad understanding of the U.S. and the UK legal systems.

A 100% accurate legal draft is one of the biggest advantages that any law firm stands to leverage on outsourcing any back-office legal functions to India.

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What Is The LPO Business Model In India?

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Quite often, legal departments within organizations face challenges that require smart and efficient solutions. Lately companies in North America, Europe, Middle East and Australia have found that outsourcing process that place a pressure on their resources is invaluable. Benefits range from high return on investment, to value additions like increased in process efficiency, and opportunity to widen legal services portfolio. For those unfamiliar with the business model of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) industry, here are a few questions and answers.

What Is LPO? How Would It Benefit My Company?

LPO is defined as the process of contracting legal services to third parties, who provide specialized legal services. Small and large companies operating in any industry can outsource their legal requirements to Indian LPOs.Indian LPO service providers work on Contract drafting, Compliance Assistance, Review and Management, e-Discovery, Patent Support, Litigation Support. Additional services are added to this list by the day.

Why Offshore Processing In India Is Right For You?

For the businesses three top benefits from LPO in India are –

Cost savings of nearly 60%, Time-bound delivery of services, round-the-clock legal support and captive pool of qualified legal experts.

When you accept a legal requirement from a client, you would assign it to the expert on your team. This is taken a step further in LPO, as you will assign the legal process to a team of legal experts, who have native knowledge of the subject.

Secondly, Indian legal workers timelines are best matched to US and European time factors, giving every business a distinct advantage.

Thirdly, English is the adopted legal language in India, ensuring every outsourced legal process is delivered in US native English, with required legal perspectives.

How About Quality?

Indian LPOs are primarily founded by legal experts who have prior exposure to the legal systems of the US, by either working there themselves or receiving part of their legal education there. Therefore, quality is never at risk with LPO services in India.

How Will My Company Benefit From Outsourcing To CNS?

When you contract your Legal Processes to CNS, you benefit from:

1)      Privacy Protection: We Draw Non-Disclosure Agreement with our legal team upon assignment, ensuring your data remains secure and uncompromised.

2)      US Journal Updates: Our legal team is well-equipped with the US – Compliance. This ensures every team member assigned to a process has localized legal information and hence provides accurate briefs.

3)      Common Law Knowledge: Native understanding of legal systems in the US or UK.

4)      We are able to quick turn around on most of legal processes at roughly few dollars per hour.

5)      Our specialist team includes full-bench of lawyers, expert paralegals, coders, Legal documentation specialists as well as Subject experts

Outsource: For Monetary Benefits and Expert Legal Documentation

LPO is expected to expand dramatically, reaching $8.568.5 million by 2020. Both Onshore and Offshore outsourcing is expected to grow at a phenomenal rate. As the global legal industry shrinks into simple outsourced processes, do win the benefits of an early adopter. Just as BPO has been the cutting-edge solution for nearly every industry, LPO is the next business solution curve that will lead you down the path of higher profits, efficiency and diversified legal processing services. Call CNS now, or drop us an email!


LPO Industry : Differentiated Prices for Specialized LPOs

The LPO industry in India, has reached a golden curve, as many of the big name providers have strategically evolved with merger and acquisition activity. Such moves have proved to be a big boon, as growth is now at high rates and inorganic as well. The spurt in growth in the local LPO market scenario has also led to many of the core-IT service providers in the country, like – Wipro, WNS as well as Genpact, to test the waters now.


At the same time, there is a degree of maturity happening in the industry.

The type of services that are beginning to be outsourced the more ‘subjective’ and ‘specialized’ services such contract drafting as well as commercial analysis. Such services command better prices and are setting expectations for higher legal work scope.

Apart from judgement-based services, such as commercial, contract drafting, and another key volume-based legal work include commoditized capacities. However, such services have average lower price-bandwidth on the legal outsourcing services scale. These services tend to be more of management services, ensuring documents are managed as per the rules established by respective governments.

How are LPO services Priced?

As is common to the outsourcing industry, the LPO services pricing too are determined largely by the ‘leverage’ it derives for the overseas client. Such leverage-based influencers (influences) include – frequency of interacting with clients, and the level of interaction. The degree of intellectual judgement required as well as work processes standardization. The level of analytic services required is also considered, besides looking at the intellectual property rights protection.

At another level, LPO services are priced on par with Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) for the sub-categories such as document management. However, knowledge management as well as contract drafting command relatively higher prices in the range of 10 to 14%. Transactional LPO services are priced 20% lower than Financial Account Outsourcing (FAO) due to higher technology as well as technology deployment.

Differentiated Prices For Specialized Lpo’s

The current industry trend is for LPOs with highly specialized skill sets, focused in particular sectors, to command the highest prices ranging between 5 and 7%. Their specialized legal services, are a march over non-LPO providers such as BPO, FAO services, since their spectrum of work is more general, by nature.


LPO Success: The Hidden Story

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is no longer a business model that is being tried-and-tested by large companies with large budgets to support such ventures. Today it is a standalone business sector, within the larger IT business domain. Further, statistical studies reveal that it is headed to become a multibillion-dollar industry due to the digitization of legal processes in most countries of the world.


Amply supported by new principles which the World Trade Organization (WTO) and its sister regulatory agreements like GATT are adopting in the post-digital age, LPO has assumed an industry status. The latest guidelines by GATT/WTO encourage the distribution of services between member countries, without restrictions. The first and primary beneficiary of the liberalized legal services is the Indian LPOs. They have established themselves as the pioneers in this

Hidden Story 1: Expertise, Good at Their Job

These well-structured and self-sustained units follow exemplary standards in functioning and operations, backed by the US, UK and Australian law practitioners of Indian-origin. Their expertise in local laws helps them to deliver services which are on-par with onsite service providers in native countries. However, where they differentiate themselves from the local players is their incomparable capacity in legal research, interpretations and legal finesse. Backed by teams which have a long history in legal case studies, documentation, legalese and more, there is a clear line of argument developed with all angles of interpretation and exceptions covered.

Hidden Story 2: Marketing Finesse

The remarkable success the Indian LPOs have had thus far is the smartness with which they have taken to marketing their services. With quality work, that honours time schedules apart from exemplary legal work, most new age legal professional have an LLB with a management post graduation such as an MBA. Therefore, they are familiar with marketing techniques and optimize the available resources to network and position their brands attracting quality customers. Then, the loop is taken forward, as clients spread around the good work and the cost efficiency such LPOs bring to their firms. Therefore, if you want to run a successful LPO, you should have the right legal jobs marketing executives, who understand international business practices and can work in multiple time zones.

Hidden Story 3: Well-Paid Executive Team

Indian LPOs typically pay their legal teams very well, ensuring there is low attrition and long-term work satisfaction. They offer valuable add-on packaged benefits like health insurance, club memberships and more. They work hours are also in time-slots encouraging direct engagement with client timelines.

Hidden Story 4: Quality Standards

They persist with ISO 8402-1986 standards and ensure there is delivery of quality services at all times. Error-free and deficiencies and low variations are their hallmark. Their client-relationships are professional, consistent to a CRM framework.

Hidden Story 5: Data Security

Indian LPOs have set high standards in data security and confidentiality practices, bound as they are by Non-disclosure agreements. There is active surveillance with CC-TVs in the facilities and more.

The highlight of every LPO in India, which have been successful, is their highly responsive website, which reiterates their services – SAARC (Speed, Accuracy, Availability, Reliability as well as Cost).

These 5 factors have led companies to great success in the past. As the LPO industry becomes more competitive it is up to the next generation LPOs to improve on these factors and help in further development of the industry. Maintaining high security standards, and backed by exemplary legal functioning, researching, data mining, analysis and application of legal mores and norms by India’s highly skilled and trained lawyers, attorneys and seniors have driven the success of this industry. They continue to be the primary source for further development of this sector.

Time to change your strategic focus to Corporate Immigration opportunities from India


Thousands look forward to MOVE from India to Canada

ROADSHOW MARKETING is one of the leading disciplines that has successfully brought customers, prospects, and partners together for thought leadership, services and networking

Indian Corporations need MORE Canadian Law Firms and Consultants to Assist with High Volume Canadian Immigration requests

Increasing potential of Indian Immigrants to Canada  INDIA is leading contributor as immigrant or non-immigrant to Canada. As per latest forecast intake of Indians will increase which will result in HIGH VOLUME of Immigration Business. Canadian Immigration firms and consultants have ample of opportunities to grab INDIAN market and grow their business.

Source: Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration: 2012 to 2017 (Canada)

What your firm gains?

  • Inorganic growth: Emerging market expansion
  • Potential meetings with decision maker(s) in large and medium corporates in India(majority Fortune 500)
  • High volume of unabiting business
  • Provide legal support for Investor immigrant and buyer of existing business in Canada
  • Presenting brand equity of firm globally

Why choose CNS Comnet, India for your Canadian Law Firm Roadshow?

  • CNS is experienced at providing a Road Show Service to Consultants and/or Canadian immigration law firms who require more lucrative business from India while at the same time make a justified profit
  • Client Satisfaction is our Top Priority
  • Quality Is Paramount  at CNS Comnet – we have seamless services for all immigration data services
  • CNS Comnet is cost effective so the client receives profitability

CNS Road Show Experience

CNS Comnet organized Road Show for a well-known Law Immigration firm from Toronto, Canada. More than 10 qualified business meetings were scheduled during the visit with the who’s who of industry, 75% of them were fortune 500 companies from banking, manufacturing, entertainment, consulting and energy industries. The law firm is actively pursuing business opportunities with the potential customers and has given mandate to CNS for organizing such Roadshows periodically.

5 Reasons to Use an Outsourced Bookkeeping Service

The outsourcing sector has opened-up the doors of opportunity for small businesses. It is the overall set of benefits that makes it a tangible prospect. Most of the big companies rely on outsourcing bookkeeping services. There is no deny in the fact that outsourcing is a better option than in-house which helps businesses to save on time and money.

Businesses are often under intense cost and time constraints and find it difficult to take complete control over their critical finance processes. One such process is bookkeeping, which keeps a track of total earnings and expenses of a company. Efficient bookkeeping services provides a clear picture of total earnings and help in taking important business decisions that takes the company forward. Having an in-house bookkeeping & accountancy team can be cumbersome and expensive.

There are several challenges that the accounting firms and law firms usually face:

  • Increased cost of hiring & retaining skilled and credible F&A resources
  • Reliable Technological environment to convert data into actionable information
  • Effective management to understand industry regulations to accurately record and report information
  • Resources to make strategic decisions for budgeting, forecasting and spending
  • Technical accounting compliance knowledge and tax strategies
  • Involving in technical or non-technical issues related to official work
  • Timely communication & follow-up with the client on a regular basis

Hiring a bookkeeper to handle the accounting tasks in-house for your business isn’t always the best solution. Here are five good reasons to outsource bookkeeping services:

Efficiency Driven Results:  One of the major reasons to outsource Bookkeeping service is that you can have more time in your hands to increase your efficiency, grow your firm and operations, and maximize your return on investment (ROI) on the core competencies of your business. You can use this extra time to try to bring in more clients, by improving your marketing efforts and customer services, as you don’t have to worry about hiring, training, managing, reviewing, firing, and more.

Cost Reduction:  In the new world of technology, an outsourced bookkeeping service provider offers the opportunity for a cost-efficient and a time-efficient way of managing a business’ books when compared to hiring a bookkeeper on staff.

Scalability:  Growing businesses often start out with smaller needs but rapidly grow to require a full suite of bookkeeping services. Hiring an outsourced bookkeeping service with controller oversight and a full service offering enables the service to scale to needs, without having to hire or train additional staff.

Access to Best Talent Pool:  Outsourcing your bookkeeping gives you a terrific way to have a full-time expert on your staff who understand the process and industry inside out. Also, this gives you more access to leading bookkeeping softwares, strategies and best practices.

Faster Turn around Time:  One of the major benefits of outsourcing is that it enables an organization to get quality services within a specific deadline. An outsourcing partner usually has all the requisite resources to streamline bookkeeping services and also provide specific services within the shortest turnaround time.