Maintaining the customer experience during covid19, what steps are taken?

The top investment priority for businesses is enhancing the customer experience. According to the Everest Group Key Issues (2019), When the economy weakens, the first priority is to invest in capabilities and technologies to improve customer experience, then focus on operation cost reduction; in other words, optimize the cash flows, then focus must be laid… Read More

How IT Outsourcing Benefits Outrun Underlying Risks

Information Technology industry continues to remain reliant on outsourcing services to critically enhance profit-lines of big players. The past 20-odd years of moving jobs to South East Asian time-zones like India, by Western businesses stands testimony to the innovative business model. Outsourcing which began as an experiment in the late 1990s by US time-located businesses… Read More

Data Center Outsourcing – 6 Critical Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

Data Center Outsourcing is no longer just a passing business trend in the technology industry. The incalculable volume and quality of value-addition it brings to a company’s IT operations has made it a standard practice in other industries since. How did “outsourcing” of data centers suddenly change from being a “trend” to a full-fledged business… Read More

What you Get With Legal Outsourcing IS VALUE MULTIPLICATION

Small businesses and mega enterprises have a new technology solution for value multiplication. Surprisingly, it is an Outsourcing tool-kit which will crunch big data and improve your business value multiple times. More importantly, it is a mundane routine operations strategy which gives your business an edge, on par with Big Data Analytics and other multi-billion… Read More

What Is The LPO Business Model In India?

Quite often, legal departments within organizations face challenges that require smart and efficient solutions. Lately companies in North America, Europe, Middle East and Australia have found that outsourcing process that place a pressure on their resources is invaluable. Benefits range from high return on investment, to value additions like increased in process efficiency, and opportunity to widen… Read More

Time to change your strategic focus to Corporate Immigration opportunities from India

INDIA LEADS IMMIGRATION TO CANADA.. INDIA LEADS.. Thousands look forward to MOVE from India to Canada ROADSHOW MARKETING is one of the leading disciplines that has successfully brought customers, prospects, and partners together for thought leadership, services and networking Indian Corporations need MORE Canadian Law Firms and Consultants to Assist with High Volume Canadian Immigration… Read More