Case Studies
Accomplished the dream to study in United States: F-1 Case Study

About the Client

Our client is a Firm established in the year 2004. The firm is established in New York and are dedicated to helping you secure your US Visa, Work Permit or Green Card.


A beneficiary who had applied for a F-1 visa received his approval from the university and booked an appointment in US embassy. He went for the interview, but his visa got rejected. He had all the required documents and as per the beneficiary, the interview went well but he mentioned that he got nervous during the visa interview and replied to a question which was not relevant to what the consular was asking.

CNS Approach & Solution

CNS conducted a quick review about the whole case and identified the areas where we had to work so, as to make the process, as smooth as possible. 
CNS provided an Immigration Paralegal Team who assist the beneficiary and took an overlook of all the documents that is required during the visa interview. The paralegal found some documents to be outdated and also, provide a brief session to the beneficiary about the visa interview. During visa interview day also, the beneficiary was provided briefing sessions. The beneficiary went for the interview and his visa was approved.

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