5 Benefits of a single-source BPO partner

For most of the businesses, deciding on which BPO company to partner with is a salient decision to make. Once that is done, the issue that raises eyebrows is whether to select single or multiple partners.
In retrospect people preferred multiple partners’ reasons being security. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology and pertinent cybersecurity strategies, companies now with a doubt, rely on a single partner for BPO services. They offer better optimization, lower production costs, create better value for customers and stakeholders and enable better utilization of resources without internal conflicts by reducing interoperability issues notably. By outsourcing, businesses gain efficiency by deliberating non-core processes and deliver improved customer service experience. 
Looking at these benefits in detail, one can understand why the market trend of relying on a single partner is the way it is.
1. Better Accountability:
There is no room for blame-game. A single source business process outsourcing(BPO) partner is responsible for the entire operation/procedure. The increased pressure of being the only-performer creates a sense of responsibility which results in accountable results.

To avoid end-moment blame games and heated discussions and to keep improving with feedbacks, every process is well recorded from start to finish. This visibility allows the companies to provide valuable inputs and insights about the functioning and layout of various departments, thereby resulting in smoother operations
3. Cost Savings:
Different Business process outsourcing companies have their own dedicated vendors and partners with whom they manage their resources and processes. Whereas, single-source model saves a lot  as everything is executed by a single vendor, be it handling charges or delivering charges. ” A business is also relieved from the pressure of paying each partner individually as pricing may differ with each service provider in case of multi-sourcing. “
4.Less preparation time: 
In the case of single sourcing, a company/organization/business has to train only one service provider, saving, time, energy and expense compared to a multi-source model.
5. Less complexity and chances of confusion: 
A single point of contact for all operations ensures a negligible communication gap whereas, in the case of the multi-sourcing model, a business might need to call and coordinate with different service providers over the process lifecycle, which increases complexity and opens rooms for misunderstandings and mismanagement.

Before deciding on a single-source outsourcing model, a business must weigh all the options and conduct a detailed survey to analyze which model will fit the best. It must do a detailed background check to ensure credibility. At CNS, we offer services that are reliable, secure and transparent to the client. With the right  Business outsourcing partner, like CNS Comnet the business will be greatly benefited and will be able to focus on its growth objectives.

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