Why choose India for BPO services?

“India is abundant in resources, especially in providing efficient manpower at suitable prices. It is vital for businesses to plan the budget for core and non-core business processes. Despite the fluctuating global economic graphs, the Indian Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry continues to be in the list of the fastest-growing Indian industries under the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) industry. The demand graph for Indian BPO services has always risen up, growing at the annual rate of 50%. Certain factors such as cost advantage, competent talent pool, abundant skilled human resource, the time factor, business risk mitigation, the economy of scale and help from the government have succored the industry to expand. Indian BPO handles 56% of the World’s business process outsourcing.

According to the research done by our experts, If an American company outsources its non-core business processes to Indian BPOs handlers, they save approx. 45% more on human resources itself than the Philippines, Vietnam and other Asian countries. By saving thousands of dollars every year, they can invest the spare in other core processes efficiently, hence adding more to their profit.

USA and India are about half a day apart, remaining functional for 24/7 with an active base in India and the USA makes it even easier to handle BPO, which saved time and created more opportunities.

Currently, every third person in India is a youth. In 2020, India will become the nation with the biggest young, available and skilled workforce. This advantage has benefitted all the sectors, areas, people from both urban and rural parts, especially Indian BPO service providers.

From the past 15 years, CNS Comnet Pvt Ltd has also proved its contribution in the BPO industry by successfully serving ……..multi fortune USA companies It offers varied services, such as versatile immigration services, data analytics, cybersecurity, finance & accounting, and mortgage BPO service, customer and technical support, telemarketing, insurance processing, data processing, bookkeeping, internet/online/ web research and much more.

With the progressing technologies and affordable resource availability, India maintains its leading position in the BPO industry. In 2020, it is expected to generate export revenues of about $175 billion and domestic revenues of $50 billion.”

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