India the Preferred Destination for Legal Drafting and Analysis

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Legal drafting and analysis can eat into precious amount of time and effort that could otherwise be used for other functions. In an era where cost and time are important, finding ways of saving on the two iscrucial tothe prosperity of any law firm. Outsourcing non-core legal activities such as legal drafting, legal documentation, or legal analysis should not be a hassle with India just a click of a mouse away.

India is becoming a preferred destination for firms and people looking to leverage brilliant minds on offer when it comes to legal matters. Ranked top by law firms in the US, the UK, and Europe, the country’s pool of legal professionals could be the answer to saving a lot of costs and time.

The country’s legal landscape is slowly becoming a force to reckon with when it comes to the drafting of accurate legal proceedings. Documentation of discovery documents, as well as preparation of pleadings and analysis of any legal information, can also be handled with ease upon request.

Drafting of legal correspondences, summons and complaints are some of the other tasks that lawyers in the country promise to handle with competence.

Other back-office legal functions that any legal department can think of outsourcing in India include:

•  Drafting of legal responsive pleadings and answers

•  Editing and proof-reading legal agreements

•  Preparing deposition notices and subpoenas

•  Drafting legal deposition questions and outlines

•  Drafting discovery documents

•  Drafting legal memoranda and briefs

•  Conducting legal research, non-legal research, and medical research

•  Drafting motions and stipulations

•  Preparing legal interrogatories

•  Reviewing, compiling and indexing legal documents

Why India

India provides any law firm access to a dedicated team of lawyer’s, paralegals, as well as professionals with expertise in analytical skills. The pool of talent is also easy to work with, as the lawyers have a broad understanding of the U.S. and the UK legal systems.

A 100% accurate legal draft is one of the biggest advantages that any law firm stands to leverage on outsourcing any back-office legal functions to India.

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