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Immigration and Outsourcing Services

Immigration means global movement of people to an intended country from their origin or where they do not possess citizenship in order to settle or reside there, especially as permanent residents or naturalized citizens, or to take-up employment as a migrant worker or temporarily as a foreign worker. It is related to requirement of people on the basis of their skills and eligibility criteria of destination country that requires a unique combination of compassion and legal expertise.

  • Challenges faced by Immigration Attorneys and Lawyers
  • Seeking efficient and dedicated skilled professionals, paralegals and office assistants
  • Performing operational and legal documentation
  • Generating more business due to operational involvement
  • Maintaining CRM to meet client as well as operational requirement
  • Involving in technical or non-technical issues related to official work
  • Proper communication and follow-up with the client on a regular basis

CNS realize that while relying on paralegals and office assistants can ease some of the short-term time pressure, this kind of support often does not allow attorneys to leverage the kind of volume required to cultivate and develop increasingly profitable practices over the long-term