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Legal Outsourcing Services

CNS Legal BPO services provide solutions to Attorneys/Law Firms with back office legal work (paralegal), related to Mortgage Services and more. Clients want to manage their resources as well as raise productiveness which they can achieve with our seamless and trusted services. CNS helps businesses to enhance their operating performance while maintaining and improving customer service levels. Segments such as Property Law, IT Law (US), Tax Law are our areas of expertise. Below mentioned is a list of services that are most popular with our clients.

Why Clients Prefer CNS

  • A record turnaround time
  • Usage of the latest software to ensure productivity is increased
  • Strategic alliance with techno- legal hubs to provide the client with the best
  • Understanding of the nuances of US /UK / Australia Legal Systems
  • Excellent information security and quality standards
  • A dedicated and trained staff of to ensure perfect documents reach your inbox

Our Legal Outsourcing Services

For the Client
  • Identification of their functional needs
  • Recommendations
  • Ease of communication with our employees through online chats
  • Manage records, registrations, panel information
From CNS
  • Access to lender websites (Lenstar, Vendorscape, NewTrak, Clarifire, Countrywide etc) with secured conditions
  • Processe/transfer/updated to client's Foreclosure Management System (FMS) for their working.
  • Turnaround time for such cases is as less as (duration).
For the Client
  • Well researched files and documents
  • Advantage of notes and research leads for further clarification
  • Turnaround as per deadlines given by the client
From CNS
  • Work on Title Search on Names, Taxes and Properties
  • Required files such as Deed, Mortgage, Judgments, Affidavits, Tax Card and State information are retrieved and electronically filed/processed
  • Preparing complaint summary and which is then reviewed by attorneys
  • Above acts as guideline to prepare the full Complaint, Summons and the Assignment of Mortgage.
For the Client
  • Prepared, updated documents ready for review
  • Ease of communication with the CNS team for any clarifications anytime.
From CNS
  • Managing web based documents and services, which are required to coordinate with lender/servicers.
  • Uploading/downloading of documents/data to various vendor sites, updating of vendor sites, sending request for various approvals
  • We work in processes like HAMP scheme, Property occupancy status, Military Status Checking, taking on fee approvals from client’s etc.
For the Client
  • Reliable investigative reports
  • Well captured and easy to read, analyze information
From CNS
  • Locating of subject who needs to be served with court orders before beginning the foreclosure process as required by the US law.
  • Also includes the capturing of all the relevant information in documents.
For the Client
  • High Quality voice based services
  • Enables client to focus on core business competency
From CNS
  • Render high quality Outbound services
  • Efficient and reliable Web Enabled services prepared with Client's inputs
For the Client
  • Get cost effective accounting solutions
  • Functional and advanced features for building efficiencies
From CNS
  • Provide cost-effective accounting solutions to law industries,
  • Generating invoices to lenders and ensuring right figures with due diligence
  • Ensuring updates to the accounting solutions with changed norms and practices with clients inputs.
For the Client
  • Prepared and thoroughly researched legal documents
  • Reliable and easy access to prep team
From CNS
  • Aid in preparing the required documents to be used for filing in US courts and ensuring right documents are served like Complaint, Judgment and various Praecipes etc.
  • Thoroughly researched and clients inputs incorporated
For the Client
  • Simultaneous management of financial reports according to legal status
  • Time saving system
From CNS
  • Referrals filed in the relevant Bankruptcy Management System.
  • Performing various bankruptcy functions such as Proof of Claims, Motion for Relief, Notice of Default among many others.

We perform Transcription of data from digital recorded media into desired format, as per client requirements.

The above list is of our most popular services. However, we also take care of the following requirements of our Clients. In case you have questions specific to these services please do connect with us at the below mentioned email address.

  • Consulting
  • Due diligence
  • Litigation and Administrative Support
  • Contract Management
  • E-discovery and document review services
  • Legal Research